March 1, 2014

So I know I haven’t posted in a while and though  I was thinking and studying on my worth I just took a break.  God has put it on my heart that I needed to change that.  It’s funny how you can not be in his word and not study for yourself  and he will find you and recenter you.  I need to be recalibrated in a way.  I need to focus on me and what God loves about me and what I mean to him.  I tend to focus so much on what others see in me and I don’t think about what God thinks of me.

God has asked me to Love myself, love others like I love myself and also to love him with all my heart.  Though I love God and I work hard to be of others I lose focus on myself.  I don’t take time to just me with me.  That is so important.   I feel that God is asking me to be more with myself and to stop being so much of what others want or expect of me.

I spend so much time just going, going, going and I never slow down.  I have always been this way and I know that God is putting it on my heart to spend more time focussing on this. This was the reason I did start this blog so I need to refocus on that.  I turned my back on that aspect and need to refocus on that.